Divorce Attorneys in East Greenwich, RI Can Help Create Parenting Agreements

Parenting agreements are part of divorce negotiations where children are involved. In addition to debt and asset division matters, parents must figure out how to share custody. The parenting plan is essential in determining how much time each parent gets with the children. In this article, parents can learn how these agreements affect their lives, and they can learn when they may need divorce attorneys in East Greenwich, RI in creating such an agreement.

How a Parenting Agreement Is Relevant

A formal parenting agreement gives each spouse the details of arrangements concerning child custody, and it can give a parent an idea of the extent of the control they exercise over their children’s lives. To simplify things for everyone, the parenting agreement should be workable for both parties.

What Information Is Necessary on a Parenting Agreement?

Simple organizational tactics can help parents form a fair agreement. Spouses should review documents carefully before drafting an agreement, which typically takes place with the help of a lawyer. Below is a brief list of important documents to consider when drawing up a parenting agreement.

*      Court documents received or filed by parents, such as petitions, complaints, summons, answers, responses, affidavits and declarations.

*      Any document from a counselor, mediator, court official or attorney concerning a divorce, separation, child custody, support or visitation order.

*      Any document concerning a divorce, paternity declaration or custody award that has previously been arbitrated, mediated or negotiated.

*      Reports, evaluations and letters from therapists, counselors and school personnel who can offer insight into the children’s behavior.

*      Depending on the case’s circumstances, additional documentation may be necessary to support a parenting agreement. A local attorney can help clients determine which paperwork is needed, and they can also help gather the information.

Do Parents Need a Lawyer to Help with Parenting Agreements?

Although it is possible for parents to gather the right information and negotiate the parenting plans as part of a divorce settlement, it is typically a wise choice to have help from a local attorney from the Law Offices of George J. Bauerle III. Divorce attorneys in East Greenwich, RI can help the client ensure that they don’t miss any important dates or documents, and they can help clients settle parenting plan negotiations in a fair manner.

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