Discovery Plays a Key Role in Personal Injury According to Athens, TN, Based Firm

Think of an accident related injury case like a set of prearranged steps carefully centered around disclosure, with the goal to get everyone’s cards on the table. Discovery, the legal term, is one of the introductory stages of a lawsuit.

Asking questions and finding answers constitute most of the activity at this time. As experience teaches, facts become clearer as more is known. Read on if you or someone you know needs the services of a personal property attorney in Athens, TN

,as the result of a car or truck accident.

What is Discovery?

Getting as close to the truth as possible invariably becomes the result of answering a series of questions: What really happened in this situation? Who’s at fault exactly? What injuries occurred? How much is this case worth and does this case need to go to trial? You and the other party must be prepared to recall details.

Methods of Discovery

One form, known as the Interrogatories, simply boils down to receiving and sending back a questionnaire. Length is contingent on the severity of the case. Questions are answered under oath as if already in a courtroom setting.

A request for the Production of Documents clarifies certain parts of the written testimony, needing an additional amount of proof; documents concerning medical care or documentation laying out wage loss come to mind.

Request for Admissions reveals who or what caused the incident in question. Here, each party is given a chance to expressly admit wrongdoing or lack thereof.

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