Discovering the Perfect funeral home in Portland

More often than not, people vote for either a funeral home that is conveniently located in their neighborhood or one that their family has patronized many times in the past. While those motivations for picking out a funeral home in Portland are legitimate, one might come across a more reasonably priced alternative by taking the time to do some research. Finally, the best time to go searching for a funeral home for yourself or a loved one is when you do not need one, preventing the pressure and stress of making vital, expensive decisions when one is distraught and grief-stricken.

The best way to start is by visiting several funeral homes in your general area. This gives the opportunity to observe first hand the layout of the visitation rooms and chapel. One can also find out if cremation is offered as an alternative to burial. Also, the Federal Trade Commission requires each funeral home to provide a General Price List outlining in detail the goods and services that are provided. By comparison shopping, one can find the funeral home that fits both your financial plan and your personality.

When one has settled on a funeral home in Portland it is wise to go ahead and preplan the exact service one wants. Not only will this save a bereaved loved one from making difficult decisions on your behalf, you can ensure you have the exact service you want and control the budget. A funeral director will keep a record of exactly who should be notified in the event of your death, as well as what music you would like played, which friends should be invited to speak and a list of potential pallbearers. Preplanning also provides the chance to provide an obituary and designate exactly which newspapers or alumni magazines should publish it. Also, specific charities can be singled out to receive gift donations in your memory.

Finding the appropriate funeral home for a loved one will never be an enjoyable task, but the time spent in research and planning will be well worth it if a loving tribute is the end result.

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