Disability Denial Attorneys Help Claimants With Requests for Reconsideration and Hearings

Disability Denial Attorneys help clients gather all the documentation they need for a successful appeal. Appealing a claim denial successfully without professional legal representation can be a very bumpy road, and having a skilled lawyer working on the claim makes the process run more smoothly. It’s important to understand that the Administration denies most initial claims for disability for one reason or another, but overturns many of those denials on appeal or reapplication.

Potential Consequences

The person probably feels worried about money because of the inability to work. Unless somebody else in the household is bringing in enough income, waiting for a disability claim to be approved is a stressful time. The person is at risk of losing an apartment or house, and of having a vehicle repossessed. Disability Denial Attorneys work to make sure this does not happen.

Each Case Is Unique

The Administration looks at many factors during an appeal. Since each case is unique, the representatives may consider certain factors more important in one case than in another. A claimant can feel bewildered when a friend or relative is approved for disability but he or she is not. It may seem unfair, especially if that individual was not required to provide the same types of documentation.

Steps in the Process

The first step in dealing with a denied claim is a request for reconsideration, which can be filed through an attorney such as Eric R. Hunt. The claimant must file within 60 days after the denial or the process would have to start all over again from the beginning. The Administration may deny the claim again after this request. A hearing before a judge is the next step. Acting quickly on these steps is important because it can take a few months for the Administration to review the request. The calendar for these hearings is so full that scheduling may take up to a year.

Disability lawyers encourage clients not to give up. Although the process can be long and frustrating, once the claim is approved, the person will receive back payments retroactive to the initial filing. See us for details on one particular disability lawyer. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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