Different Ways To Conduct A Stump Removal

When someone is left with an unsightly tree stump in their yard, they may consider using a Stump Removal service to effectively remove it from the property. This is the best way to ensure the entire stump is taken out of the ground without altering the composition of the land in the process. The company would come to the home and use a stump grinder to remove the stump in its entirety.

If the person does not have the funds to pay for this service, they may try a few different methods on their own to remove a stump from the land. They can also attempt some of these methods first and call a removal company if they do not work effectively.

If the homeowner is not concerned about how quickly the stump is removed from their land, they can try using chemicals to eat away at the wood. First, they would need to drill holes in the top of the stump. They can then pour a liquid chemical agent in these holes. Chemicals to rot stump wood can be found in the landscaping department of a home goods store. It may take several weeks before the stump is soft enough to dig from the ground.

Burning the stump is another option. This is also done by drilling holes in the top of the stump. Gasoline can then be poured inside. This should sit for a week or so before lighting the stump on fire. The stump will need to be watched to ensure the fire does not spread to other areas of the yard. A metal burn barrel can be placed upside-down over the stump to help keep the fire from spreading.

Some people try to dig a stump out on their own. This can be done with smaller stumps, but larger ones may be difficult to take out without help from a Stump Removal company. If someone decides digging or stump grinding is the best way to remove their stump, they can contact Timberline Tree Service for assistance. An appointment can be scheduled for an evaluation at the homeowner’s convenience if desired. You can also like them on Facebook.

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