Different Types of Tin Ceiling Installation Methods in Long Island, NY

Decorative ceiling tiles are one of the trendiest ways to dress up a dull ceiling. While there are different metals to choose from, tin is one of the most popular choices. After deciding on one of the many patterns and finishes available, the next step is to evaluate the type of installation for the tiles. There are several ways to install tin tiles.

The most traditional means for a Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY is the use of nails and glue to secure the tiles in place. This is one of the quickest methods of installation available. The ceiling will need to be prepared and level to utilize this installation method. This method is ideal if the ceiling is already fairly level or if the home has relatively low ceilings to work with since no change in height is made. This method is also popular in rooms that have an odd corners or shapes since the tiles can be cut.

Tin ceilings can also be installed with wood or steel supports as other means of Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY. These supports are attached to the ceiling. The tiles are then attached to the supports. The supports can also be built so that the tiles are inlaid. Since this will potentially lower the ceiling, this type of installation is done in rooms where the ceiling height is higher than normal, and a few inches of drop won’t make that much of a difference in the appearance of the ceiling.

Another type of Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY is the creative and custom solution. This type of installation is customized based on the type of ceiling that the room has, the configuration of the ceiling, and the type of material the ceiling is composed of. This type of specialized installation is used on vaulted ceilings, ceilings that are heavily damaged, or on ceilings having other unique challenges.

The means of installation depends on the look and the type of ceiling being covered with tiles. For more information on which installation will work best for your ceiling, contact Abingdon Construction to discuss the different installation methods and materials.

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