Different Types of Machine Screws

A machine screw is one specific type of screw that has the ability to hold certain parts together in machines as well as engines, electronics, and large manufacturing equipment. You will sometimes hear them be referred to as stove bolts. They are constructed with tapped holes instead of the hole already being able to screw them in. Most machines have the ability to thread and cut the hole when they are actually inserted. They are made with a coarse thread which means they are built to handle 24 or more threads for every inch. They do come with various types of heads.

Common Types

There are a few common type of machine screws that are used more often than others. You will see shapes such as the flat head, pan head, round head, and the truss head, just to name a few. The flat head machine screw would be the best choice if the screw needs to be flushed into the surface that it is being lodged into. Oval heads are very similar to flat screws because they are fairly flat but have an oval shape to them.

Pan heads and truss heads have the ability to stick a bit above the surface of the project and are fairly low profile but can get the job done. They all have a large of area of surface in which to work with them which makes them the best machine heads to use for much larger projects. A majority of these types of screws can be screwed in using a basic Phillips screwdriver but some of them require a combination of screwdrivers to get the job done right.

If you are using a fillister head machine screw, you have a much deeper slot to work with which means you can put more power into them when they are being driven into the surface.


Machine screws are quite different than other screw types as they are much stronger and more durable. These are best used when you are attaching metal to metal. They are able to handle rattling and other vibrations without falling apart or breaking the machine. If you are not sure of which type to use, there are many places both online and in-person that sell machine screws in NY. You will want to make sure that you have the right type for your machine so productivity remains consistent.

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