Different Types Of Hardwood Flooring

thumbs_gallery_04There are a number of ways to categorize hardwood flooring, these include the type of wood that is used, the form and the way the wood is laid out and designed. The key to selecting the best hardwood flooring in Manhattan is to consider the traffic and wear that the floor will get.

There are many hardwoods that are used for flooring material. The most common materials are oak, maple and walnut but there are also a number of exotic woods like teak that are also available albeit expensive. Some hardwood floors are pine or balsam although these woods are technically considered as soft woods.

As well as the type of wood, hardwood flooring also has different forms. Solid wood is by far the most commonly used but engineered wood and acrylic impregnated wood is also used in specific circumstances. Solid wood of course is exactly that; solid wood. Engineered wood is constructed somewhat like plywood, taking thin layers and bonding them to one another, alternating the grains which make this type of hardwood floor strong and capable of carrying quite heavy loads. Impregnated hardwood is solid wood which has been impregnated with an acrylic which is great in heavy traffic areas.

Hardwood floors can also be categorized by the material size and the layout. Hardwood comes in strips which vary between 1 ½ inches to about 2 ¼ inches. Planks on the other hand are also long but wider than strips, they are at least 3 inches wide and up. Parquet hardwood flooring uses small pieces of wood which are laid in a geometric pattern usually laid into a pattern of small squares which are in alternating directions.

Normally the hardwood strips, planks or parquet are fixed to the sub floor with nails, staples or glue, however there is also a floating hardwood floor. The floating floor is not actually attached to the sub floor, it sits on a foam underlay that is sound absorbent and soft to walk on. The hardwood strips are tongue-in-groove and they snap together and the whole floor simply floats on the sub floor. This type of hardwood flooring in Manhattan is often preferred to the other methods of installation as they are easy to install, quiet and soft.

A further consideration is the way the floor is finished. Hardwood can be stained to change the natural appearance but many people simply seal the finish so the natural beauty of the wood they selected shines through.

There is no floor that is quite as beautiful as hardwood flooring in Manhattan. Hardwood flooring adds a touch of elegance to any home. You are invited to visit the showroom of New York Wood Flooring to see their wide range of hardwood flooring.

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