Different Types of Air Conditioning Services Weatherford TX

Air conditioners are a big investment which is why you need to have a regular maintenance schedule. These units also lose their efficiency over time which can lead to additional costs in high energy consumption and regular repair. It is therefore necessary to have regular servicing to ensure that your unit is always in good working order. There is a number of Air Conditioning Services Weatherford TX to guarantee optimum performance from your unit.

One of the types of services in this case is a general service. This usually involves general maintenance aimed at improving efficiency and longevity of the unit. Cleaning or replacing the air filter is common with this type of service. In addition to this, the blower blades and wheels will need to be serviced or cleaned depending on what is needed. The indoor evaporator coil will also be inspected and replaced or simply cleaned as required. Another essential part of the general service is to check that the drainage system is unrestricted and may be vacuumed or probed depending on the situation. Finally, the commission system will be tested to see that it is working as it should.

Chemical flushing is another important type of service that you might need for your air conditioning unit. This is usually performed on units that have gone for over a year without any maintenance. Chemical flushing is essential in getting rid of dirt that has built up over time as well as revive the unit and improve its efficiency. This involves flushing the fan coils, blower wheel, drainage system and air filter using special chemicals that have been approved by your system’s manufacturer. Chemical flushing is not particularly invasive as it doesn’t require the system to be dismantled.

Finally, overhaul is a service that is essential for air conditioning units experience extremely heavy usage. This will require that all the components are dismantled. These components will then be thoroughly washed with water and special chemicals to get rid of any dirt or debris. The parts will then be put back together and the unit re-installed to its original place. It is always important to procure Air Conditioning Services Weatherford TX from reputable companies. Such companies as Daffan Mechanical Inc offer professional services that ensure your air conditioning unit works at optimum capacity for many years to come.


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