Different Types of AC Units Available in Ennis TX

The air conditioning is often seen as one of the most important parts of the home, especially for those who live in hot areas like Texas. When the system starts to break down and not function as effectively, it is important to call in the experts as soon as possible and get your AC repairs in Ennis TX area taken care of! For most residents in Ennis, there are three common types of AC units that they likely have in their homes and they are:

Window Units- small scale air conditioning units that are made to fit in the window. They are miniature versions of the larger additional home AC systems. They are designed for localized cooling when you need to cool down one or two rooms but not the entire home. This helps save on energy use and cost.

Home Units- the full-size units that are often located in the attic or basement of the home these are powerful systems that can heat and cool the entire home. They are set up in place and cannot be moved or adjusted once they are installed and the most effective option for full home comfort.

Portable Units – with a size somewhere between a home unit and window unit, these air conditioning systems are built on wheels and can be moved from room to room as needed for localized cooling. Special ventilation set up is used to vent exhaust out a window in whatever room it is used in.

Knowing the type of unit that you need makes it easier to consider your options for both buying as well as maintaining your systems. When you need AC repairs in Ennis TX or the surrounding areas, count on the experts with years of experience- count on Direct Service Air!

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