Different Kinds of Parking Lot Paving

In a nutshell, parking lots are paved in either concrete or asphalt. Both are mixtures of pulverized rock that has been suspended in a material. Concrete is inflexible and is mostly used for driveways as well as home foundations. For a parking lot, you will probably choose asphalt. Asphalt is more flexible and more easily laid down on larger areas because it can be more easily applied in liquid form. Also, asphalt can be repaired fairly easily with some fairly simple repair measures. If you are looking for parking lot paving, you’ll need to choose asphalt or concrete.

Choose Asphalt

If you were to choose asphalt for your parking lot paving, asphalt would need to be sealcoated after it was applied. Asphalt is a petroleum-based material that is applied when it’s hot. It’s then allowed to cool and harden. Since it is based on petroleum, it interacts with other petroleum products as well since anything affects petroleum. So, dripping oil and gas will slowly eat away at the surface of the parking lot. Instead, you can sealcoat the asphalt to prevent it from being damaged.

Choose Concrete

Concrete is an incredibly resilient material that does not bend or stretch even as the temperature changes. That’s one of the most important aspects of concrete. Concrete is great for using as a driveway or as a house slab because concrete is steadfast. At Colt Concrete & Asphalt, you can find many different options for concrete-paved driveways and parking lots.

Concrete does not require quite the same maintenance as asphalt but it does require a little more work to apply. So, the choice is really put to you. However, you can decide which is right for you with the help of expert pavers. The expert pavers will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of each. You can also connect them on Facebook.