Different Kinds of Hot Water Heaters in Springfield, NJ

Hot water heaters come in a few different varieties. For the most part they are divided into tank and tankless heaters. Tank heaters have a large water tank that fills up with water; the water is then heated in the heater. A tankless heater allows water to pass through from your pipes; as it passes through the water heater, it is heated. This is the basic distinction between the two kinds of water heaters. Further, they can be divided by their fuel source. Gas heaters burn natural gas to heat up the water, electric heaters use alternating electrical current.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are most commonly used simply because most houses are not already hooked to a gas line in the area you intend to install the water heater. Installing a water heater is much easier if the proper energy source is already in the basement or attic where you intend to install it. If there is only an electrical outlet, it’s much easier to install electric hot water heaters in Springfield, NJ.

You can contact us to determine which type of heater will be most effective for you. There are many advantages to an electric water heater, though there are some disadvantages as well. Depending on what model of heater you buy, an electric one can actually heat up a little bit faster than a gas heater.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas hot water heaters are popular because they are very affordable. Natural gas is a very low-cost fuel. It can provide steady heat to your water without running your energy bill sky high. Furthermore, natural gas water heaters will continue to work even if the power goes out. That’s an important feature in case of a storm or other type of power outage. You likely will need a lighter or sparker to ignite the pilot light during a power outage, though.