Differences Between Storage Facilities in Connecticut

A basic storage unit is an unheated garage that has little or no pest control done. The unit will have a lock, but the facility itself may have no more than a fence around it. Any thief willing to climb in while the office is closed would have all night to pick the lock or just sledgehammer his way in. Despite these very basic provisions, such facilities can come in handy for storing durable goods that aren’t attractive to thieves. Some types of industrial extras would fall into the category of things that can be stored in such a location without undue worry.

There are many options for the best Storage Facilities in Connecticut, but they aren’t all the same. There are different levels of service and facility environments, and not all of them are suitable for keeping things undamaged for a long period of time. The level of climate control, facility security, unit security, and pest control are all important factors that help determine which company you should choose for your storage needs.

Mid-grade storage units offer basic climate control and often have better security, but they may not be too worried about pest control. Some rat bait may be set out to help the facility avoid getting tickets for being a source of pests, but usually, long-term storage of things like furniture will result in mice eventually getting to the material and chewing it up. The humidity levels in these locations may also be uncontrolled, so mold is often a problem. Despite these drawbacks, such units are usually fine for short-term storage.

Top-level Storage Facilities in Connecticut, such as the ones at Augliera Moving And Storage, provide units that don’t have any of these common drawbacks. They have tight temperature and humidity controls and excellent pest control programs so that items can be stored for prolonged periods without fear of damage. Security is typically better at these places as well, with units that sport good locks, gated entry to the facility, and live security personnel on duty at all times. This is the type of facility to use if you need a unit that is able to protect your items from damage for a long time or if you have items that are particularly sensitive to temperature and humidity.

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