Difference Between Home Health, Home Care and Assisted Living

Caring for an elderly loved one can be difficult. You’ll need to determine the right care every step of the way. Here’s a look at Home Health care, Home care and Assisted Living. Examine the differences among the three to make a better decision on what your loved one needs.

Home Health Care

A registered nurse, physical therapist or any other healthcare professional provides clinical medical care to patients at home. It’s often a care plan that follows after a patient has come home from the hospital but still needs supervision through the recuperation and recovery. The advantage of finding a good home health care service in Florida is that it helps seniors transition back to an independent lifestyle. It’s also handy for when your loved one has changed medications and must be monitored. And when seniors start having mobility issues, a home health care service in Florida can teach them learn to new skills on how to effectively handle and work through those issues.

Home Care

A caregiver provides the care in this case. Caregivers, also known as home care aides, are highly trained to provide help and assistance for seniors. Benefits of the care include the companionship they provide and the assistance with daily living tasks such as meal preparations, housekeeping, bathing, grooming, dressing and more. This is ideal for seniors who need to be driven to doctor’s appointments, who live alone and who might need assistance with daily living tasks.

Assisted Living

An assisted living facility or community is that it many of them give seniors access to medical assistance 24/7, says Health. If your loved one’s health is starting to fail, then this is a good option to consider. They provide daily living assistance with medical care.

It can be hard to choose which one to go for. But with a little time and research, you’ll be able to pick the best one.

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