Difference Between a Landfill and a Garbage Dump in Hampton

With how much waste we produce, it’s no wonder that trying to dispose of it has become a global problem. If rubbish is not properly disposed of, it can create serious environmental problems, leading to health problems for people living in the area.

Not all waste disposal sites are created equally despite people using the various terms interchangeably. There is a slight difference between a landfill and a garbage dump in Hampton.

What Is a Dump?

The basic definition of a dump is its land that has been excavated to form a pit. Inside the pit is where various waste is stored. One of the problems with a dump is the government does not regulate it. Another issue is there is no processing control at either a common dump or a rural dump.
Dumps can be found anywhere throughout the area and, in many cases, are not covered with soil, although some are. Open dumps are illegal and have attracted all kinds of pests, including rats and flies.

What Is a Landfill?

When people talk about a garbage dump in Hampton, they are referring to a landfill. All common dumps have been turned into landfills, which the government regulates. Landfills must use liners at the bottom of all of their pits to prevent any liquid from leaching into the soil.

They must also be covered with layers of soil to help reduce pests and odors. When you invest in a dumpster rental, all of the trash you put inside is taken to a landfill.

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