Diet and Teeth: The Connection Explained by a General Dentist in Stuart

When it comes time to make the right dietary decisions, the majority of people choose foods with their weight in mind. In some cases, this may be because a doctor has recommended that they drop 25 pounds to improve heart health, or that they need to reduce the amount of red meats they eat to reduce cholesterol. However, there are many people who don’t realize that it is also necessary to be careful with the foods they eat to help and prevent problems from arising in the mouth. Some of the issues that may occur include gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities.

According to any General Dentist in Stuart, the diet a person eats directly correlates with the health of the person’s teeth. Each beverage and food that enters the body have to do so through the mouth, which means it is essential for a person to learn how the foods and drinks they consume can affect their teeth.

Millions of bacteria live inside the mouth. While this may sound gross, most of these are actually helpful. Every time a person eats or drinks something besides water, minuscule particles are left behind in their mouth. It is the job of the bacteria present to work and break down the particles to ensure they don’t linger. However, as the bacteria work, they also produce acid, which can be harmful. This is what creates holes in the enamel of the teeth, referred to as cavities. Over time, this acid can also lead to infections at the gum line, which is commonly called gum disease.

Most people’s dietary choices affect how well the bacteria work inside the mouth. These bacteria are very attracted to the sugars present in the foods eaten. This results in quite a bit of acid being produced in a single spot. This can cause significant amounts of damage if not removed.

In most cases, a General Dentist in Stuart will recommend that the best way to prevent this damage is by brushing and flossing the teeth after each meal. To learn more, a person can also Contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart. Being informed is the best way to keep a mouth healthy and issue free year after year.

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