Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Texas

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filter fitted to the exhaust system of the majority of diesel engine vehicles built since 2009. The filter will improve and remove at least 85% the soot and particle emissions between the engine and the atmosphere to comply with the stringent engine emissions standard in the U.S.

Unfortunately, problems are common with the filters. There are companies that offer Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Texas that can clean and unblock your filter to keep your diesel truck on the road.

A Diesel Particulate Filter works by forcing engine gasses to flow through a complex honeycomb structure. The gasses are forced to flow through the cell walls of the filter. The porous walls all the gasses to pass through, but the particulate matter is left on the walls. This ensures that only the clean exhaust gasses can exit and enter the atmosphere. The filter should be emptied and cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance by a company that performs Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning Texas.

The burn-off procedure within these filters is referred to as regeneration. Regeneration cannot occur when the diesel truck regularly travels in urban traffic. This requires the services of Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning in Texas. Higher speeds are required for the regeneration process to initiate, and a warning light is typically included to alert the driver of when soot removal is necessary. If the warning light is ignored or the driver waited too long to have the Diesel Particulate Filter cleaned can be costly and may require a complete replacement.

Diesel Particulate Filters will eventually need replacing after about 90,000 miles on all commercial diesel trucks. This can be due to age, natural wear, and tear, or misuse.

To avoid costly replacements and a ticket for not complying with government emission standards, Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning services are recommended as regular maintenance on any commercial diesel truck.

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