Diagnostics: Free or Not at the Auto Body Shop in Johnson County?

Parts of the marketing world lean toward the idea of upfront fees. Other companies will stress no upfront fees for their products and services because they know that draws potential customers in. Customers hate paying upfront, and for good reason. Unless it is a ticket to a concert or circus, paying upfront seems both unconventional and frustrating. Companies stress no upfront costs because they know it matters.

In the world of auto body repair, the upfront cost is renamed and slightly altered. It comes in the form of the diagnostic cost, and it could be a determining factor. Customers may not go to a certain Auto Body Shop in Johnson County because they charge a diagnostic fee. Is this a legitimate concern? Is it possible that an auto body shop can provide the best quality diagnostic for free? Sure it is. But, in an economic world where bottom lines matter, a free diagnostic could just be another marketing gimmick.

Quality Diagnostic and Psychology

Is doing things for free fun? It could feel good if in the right environment and for the right reasons. In a business environment, a free diagnostic means no one is getting paid. Sure, some of the shop employees may be getting paid by the hour. Psychology substantiates that if someone is doing something for free on a broader scale, they are less willing to put their full effort into it. The task is not incentivized.


Some auto body shops use free diagnostics as a loss-leader. This essentially means that they know they are losing money on every diagnostic service. They hope to earn some back by customers getting their work done there, but there is no guarantee. If every employee in the shop understands this, it could have a negative effect on the actual quality of the diagnostic work performed.

When working with an auto body shop in Johnson County, customers can find a mighty diagnostic at a fair price. Do not fall for a marketing gimmick. Do not fall for some loss-leader strategy that result in a mediocre service. Contact Warrensburg Collision Repair Center for more on diagnostics.

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