Diabetics Should Visit The Foot Doctor Regularly

Diabetes affects many parts of the body, adversely. For instance, the condition causes critical blood vessels to narrow. This includes the vessels in the legs and feet. Consequently, wounds on the feet take much longer to heal. If wounds do not heal, the patient could lose a toe or a foot. Further, sustained high glucose levels lead to nerve damage. As a result, patients may not be able to feel their feet. That is why diabetics should always test bath water. It may be too hot, and they are not able to feel it.

Patients with one or more foot problems have a “diabetic foot.” This condition should be treated by a Foot Doctor. Visit the website of Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ to learn more. Doctors warn patients that any foot trauma can be dangerous. Patients are advised to examine their feet regularly. In addition, valuable tips for diabetics include:

* have the Foot Doctor cut the toenails

* always dry the feet thoroughly

* never put lotion between toes

* do not wear tight shoes and socks

It is important to remember that any wound can quickly get infected. Unfortunately, diabetics do not fight infection as well as others. Indeed, tight shoes commonly cause foot damage. Any red spots, blisters or corns can turn into serious wounds. Ulcers on the side of the foot are often caused by tight shoes. They also appear on the ball of the foot. Ulcers should be examined by the doctor right away. The doctor needs to see how deep the infection is. Hopefully, it will not penetrate the bone. Any dead or infected tissue is removed, and the patient must take antibiotics. Patients with problematic wounds may have to see a vascular surgeon.

The main thing for diabetics is to control the condition. The easiest way to accomplish this is by eating properly and exercising. In fact, exercise increases blood flow and circulation. In addition, take all medications as recommended. Likewise, diabetics should not smoke. Smoking further damages vessels in the extremities. This damage also slows the healing process. People who need help to stop smoking should talk to the doctor. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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