Determining the Scope of Hail Damage Repair in Denton TX

One of the more severe types of severe weather is hail. Many times, hail is a small inconvenience. Unfortunately, there are times where hail can come down rather furiously and in rather sizable pieces, and this can cause damage to trees, cars, people, and significant roof damage. That’s why, if a person’s home is in an area that is subject to a fair amount of severe weather, or perhaps the home has already endured a significant hailstorm, professional Hail Damage Repair in Denton TX may be essential.

Possible Damage

The damage to a roof by hail sometimes will depend on the size of the hail or the materials the roof is made of. One of the most common roof materials, asphalt shingles, will offer a certain amount of protection to the roof structure. This means that small hail isn’t going to cause a great deal of damage.

However, larger hail can not only damage to the asphalt shingles but can also damage the substrate and decking materials. Stronger materials such as metal roofs can become dented, but they will typically protect the roof structure. Tile roofs are also extremely durable and, while tile may break, the rigidity of the tile material itself is likely to protect the decking materials from damage.

Fixing the Problem

In cases where hail has damaged the roof materials, simply replacing the damaged materials with new materials is the best way to fix the problem. However, if the hail has fallen with extreme force and the size of the hail was large, damage could be done to the substrate materials, such as tar paper and the roof decking. In these situations, depending on the significance of the damage, small pieces of the decking will need to be removed and replaced. For extensive damage, it may require that the entire roof is replaced. While this doesn’t happen for every hailstorm, there are certain storms that can leave this type of damage in its wake.

Hail Damage Repair in Denton TX can be either minor or significant, but it will take a professional service to determine the extent of the damage. If your home has currently suffered damage from a hailstorm, you may want to contact DKG Roofing for help

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