Details About Filing for Child Support Using a Bee Cave Attorney

When you have children with someone else and the relationship doesn’t work as you thought that it would, you want to try to seek some kind of financial agreement so that your children are provided for until they are adults. Sometimes, it’s not easy to put a plan in place on your own. This is when you can talk to a child support law Bee Cave TX attorney who can file a claim on your behalf so that you receive an amount that is fair for both parties.

Why the Order is Needed

There are a few reasons why you might need a child support order in place. One is because each parent should be legally and financially responsible for the welfare of the children you have together. When one parent decides not to take the responsibility to support the children, then a child support law Bee Cave TX attorney can prepare the documents to take the parent to court so that an order can be established.

Paternity Questions

If you don’t know if you’re the father or not and an order is filed, you can request a paternity test to make sure you’re the father. Sometimes, the mother will be responsible for having the test done if she files the claim and isn’t sure if you’re the father.


An attorney can work with the court to establish a child support amount that is fair for both parties and that is enough to support the child or children. Most states have worksheets that are used to calculate child support amounts based on the income of both parents and so that the amount ordered is enough to provide for the care of each child. Contact Margaglione Law for more details about filing for child support.

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