Design a Great Logo with the Help of Graphic Design in Jacksonville FL

Logo design isn’t easy. There’s plenty of pressure to create an immaculately iconic symbol that is original, brand new, and interesting. The truth is that Graphic Design in Jacksonville FL follows a number of key concepts throughout logo formulation. Based on the following three key concepts, graphic designers can design a superb logo. Read on for more insight.


A good logo concept isn’t necessarily flashy. They aren’t characterized by a wide range of Colors and typefaces. Instead, they are traditional and simple. The designer should start with their brand name or clean lines. Think about the logo in its entirety. The current style is super-modernized with top brands adopting single letter symbols or an icon. This creates a great look but is only functional if the designer knows the brand. Additionally, stick to uncomplicated, highly readable typefaces. Be cautious of new typefaces that forgo readability at the expense of a fashionable style. Lastly, avoid excessive shading, embossing, or colored lettering.


Logos get around more often. It will appear on websites, printed materials, and social media forums. Based on these uses, the shape, size as well as flexibility matter quite a lot. Here is a checklist for a flexible Graphic Design in Jacksonville FL.

• The logo should be in vector format as it can be manipulated a lot better, resulting in more innovative options.

• It has to be square shaped. As a rule, square options are compulsory today for internet applications like social media.

• It has to be readable on various color backgrounds.

• The imagery should be appropriate.

• It has to provide room for change and growth over time, even if only slightly.


All logos ought to be usable in complete color. The failure of these alternatives to work means the logo cannot work. Designers should always start designing logos in white and black. This allows them to see the shape formats and lettering in a clear way. Afterward, color may be added.

Even though some of the best logos are associated with big brands out there, a good logo design doesn’t necessarily need a massive budget. Graphics Garage can help graphic designers create a good brand identity based on the above-mentioned tips at an affordable cost. Try them today.