Depending On Fast And Honest Bail Bonding

Many people assume they will get a bond if arrested. However, that is not always the case. Bonds are usually pre-set for defendants charged with less serious crimes. In fact, the judges in the area set these bonds. Meanwhile, those charged with more serious offenses may need a lawyer. That is because they must ask the judge to set a bond. The lawyer files a motion to set bond. A hearing will be held, and the judge may or may not approve a bond. The judge considers things like prior criminal history.

Defendants must have someone contact a bonding company. Companies like Fast & Honest Bail Bonding offer quick 24*7 Service! Bond prices vary from state to state. Most often, the cost of a bond is ten percent of the bail amount. However, if the bail is over $10,000, the company may charge 25 percent. In any event, bonds can be expensive. Some states set bonds at $20,000 for misdemeanors. Further, many consumers do not realize they will not get the money back.

Essentially, a bail bond is a contract between the state and the bonding company. In exchange for the percentage, the bonding company pays the state the full bail amount. In other words, Fast & Honest Bail Bonding guarantees the defendant shows up for trial. Indeed, many bonding companies keep track of defendants. The company will call periodically and remind the defendant about court dates. There are other ways to post bond. People can pay the full amount, or they can put up a property. The property must have enough equity to cover the full amount of the bail. Be forewarned, the property could be lost if the defendant disappears.

Defendants should be aware that bounty hunters exist. Bonding companies act quickly to protect their investment. The law gives bonding companies a certain amount of time to locate the defendant. Bounty hunters track the defendant and return them to the authorities. In most instances, they are paid a percentage of the bail. Most areas require bounty hunters to have a clean criminal history. Additionally, they must register with local authorities. Hopefully, the defendant will stay in town and help resolve the criminal charges.

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