Denver, CO, Company Offers Cash for Real Estate Judgments and Liens

Maybe you won a judgment or a lien against an individual or a small business that didn’t honor its contract. That’s not necessarily good news because it could take years before you see your money. By selling your judgment, you can get cash in a timely manner.

Companies that offer this service buy judgments and liens that are secured by real estate. In selling your judgment, you do not have to deal with lawyers or brokers, so the transaction is simplified.

The Process

Make an appointment with the company so its evaluator can determine if your judgment qualifies. Some assessments are made. If you accept the no-obligation offer, you could receive cash in as little as 48 hours.

Kinds of Judgments Companies Purchase

Businesses working in this sector buy many kinds of judgments and liens. Among them are first, second and third mortgages; first, second and third deeds of trust; mechanics liens; and tax liens. Also on the list are bankruptcy liens and divorce, civil and deficiency judgments.

Value Cap and Clients

In addition to the variety of judgments and liens you can sell, there is flexibility in their worth. Purchases may have a value of up to $5 million. The clients these companies serve are not only individuals, but they are also small businesses, banks, lawyers and estates.

Statistically, just 20 percent of judgments are ever paid because the process is complicated. To get cash by selling your judgment, contact Mayflower Judgments at

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