Dentists in Cinco Ranch Provide Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

Tooth sensitivity is becoming increasingly common due to people’s diets, their brushing habits, and teeth whitening. Tooth sensitivity is a somewhat umbrella term that describes any unwanted nerve sensation in the teeth. A person may feel sharp or dull pains and may also feel a deep ache within a tooth. Whether it affects one tooth or several, the sensations can make a person miserable. Fortunately, there are dental treatments that can help stop these sensations so a person can eat and chew normally. Through the Dentists Cinco Ranch, this condition can be treated, no matter its cause.

If the tooth sensitivity is being caused by worn enamel, the dentist will try to lessen these effects by strengthening the enamel. With a strong Fluoride treatment, the enamel can become thicker so it can properly cover the inside of the tooth and prevent food, beverages, and temperature changes from causing nerve pain. This approach is more beneficial if the patient is given a protocol treatment to use at home.

Tooth sensitivity may also be caused by a cavity or infection in the tooth. Filling a cavity often stops nerve pain progression because the nerve is no longer being exposed. To determine if a cavity or infection is to blame, the dentist will need to perform a full examination and may even need to take X-rays. If filling the tooth or treating the infection does not stop the pain, a root canal may need to be performed.

Root canals can help to permanently stop the pain in a tooth because the dentist has the option of removing the nerve located in the tooth. Since the nerves are no longer needed for normal function after the adult teeth have emerged from the gums, it is safe for them to be removed and will not interfere with normal function.

If you are suffering from increased tooth sensitivity, there is help available through the Dentists in Cinco Ranch. Visit to learn more about the many dental services they offer patients. With treatment, tooth sensitivity can become a thing of the past. Call them today and schedule your consultation appointment to get started.

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