Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ: The Inside Secret to A Truly Dazzling Smile

The search for a radiant smile seems to be a universal obsession. Stores like Target and Wal-Mart sell whitening toothpaste and laser-type kits that promise a pearly white smile. Sadly, many of these products aren’t able to deliver what they promise for everyone. Even after using a whitening product, some teeth still need help.

Teeth may become discolored due to medication (tetracycline) or previous dental work, such as root canals or metallic fillings. Some teeth may be chipped, cracked, or have broken off. As the years add up, teeth sometimes “round off” or wear down. Coffee and tea, or a long-time smoking habit may leave teeth so yellow that no store-bought whitener will work. Gaps between teeth are sometimes present from birth, and may widen over the years.

The effects of these types of dental challenges can be devastating. Lacking confidence in one’s smile, those with dental issues often smile less. This may, in turn, cause others to perceive them as unfriendly. This can hold one back at work, socially, and in their personal life. One may gradually lose self-esteem.

Obviously, a mere tooth-whitening product did not address all the dental issues people were suffering, and thankfully, in 1928, veneers were invented by Dr. Charles Pincus to use on actors in films in Hollywood. Dental veneers have actually been around for 86 years now! Today, the trend continues, as many actors & actresses get dental veneers to look more attractive onscreen, sparking the public’s awareness of dazzling, snow-white teeth.

Dental Specialty Associates of Arizona has Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ available as a normal part of its cosmetic dentistry services. Thin, yet strong, the coffee, tea, and cigarette stains roll right off these amazing wonders. It’s incredible. However, it’s recommended that dental veneer owners use a special toothpaste and take care of their smiles. No using teeth to open bottles or chew ice.

If any breakage or damage should occur to a veneer, dentists who work with Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ are able to repair damage to the single veneer involved, if necessary. Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ are a great value; a radiant new dental veneers smile may sparkle for up to a decade if well-cared for.

Dental Veneers in Gilbert AZ are an option available to those clients who would benefit from a service that goes beyond simple tooth-whitening and addresses chipped, cracked, discolored, and gapped teeth.

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