Dental Services Cambridge MA: Front Tooth Replacement Options

There are more than a few reasons a person may have a missing tooth. However, if they are missing a front tooth, this is a special case and one that needs to be addressed due to the insecurities that this prominent gap can cause. Dental services in Cambridge MA can help in replacing the missing tooth. Some of the best options can be found here.

Dental Implant and Crown
According to most dentists, dental implants are the best replacement option for a front, missing tooth. They are extremely strong and have been designed to fuse with the bone in the jaw. Also, implants will last a lifetime. A tooth-shaped crown is placed on the implant, and the dentist will work to ensure the new “tooth” looks just like the old one, including making it the right color.

Unfortunately, dental implants aren’t always possible right away. If a person suffered some type of dental trauma, then healing will be necessary before an implant can be placed.

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge
Another viable option for replacing a missing front tooth is a fixed bridge. This is another option dentists at dental services Cambridge MA offer. A bridge is made of several components, including the pontic, which is the crown located in the middle to replace the tooth that is missing, as well as two anchors that cover the two adjacent teeth. These are cemented into place, so the bridge doesn’t move or fall out.

A dental bridge can last for a while, and offer patients a natural feel and look. However, if the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are healthy, a fixed bridge would require that the “anchor” teeth are shaved down, which may compromise their health. This option is something a person should discuss with their dentist to see if it is right for them.

When it comes to dental treatments, there are more than a few to choose from. If a person is in need of tooth replacement, they should contact the staff at Cambridge Dental Group for help and information about the options that are available. Being informed is the best way to handle any missing tooth issues.

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