Dental Implants in Apple Valley, MN Give People Healthy Smiles

No one wants to have missing teeth. Not only does it affect a person’s appearance to have teeth missing, it also can affect their oral health, as well as their overall health. For years, people had to wear bridges or dentures in order to replace any missing teeth. While these served the purpose, there are other procedures that are now used that involve implanting false teeth directly into the gums. These replacements are permanent, and can last for many decades when properly cared for. The dentist will use photos of their patients before they lost teeth to restore their smiles to their original state, if not better.

Many patients opt to have dental implants in Apple Valley, MN. Although they are more costly than a denture, because they are permanent the allow wearers to be even more confident. They never have to worry about their dentures slipping or coming out in public, and there is no need to apply sticky glues to hold them in place. Implanted teeth are much easier to care for than dentures. They are cleaned in the same way as real teeth, and there is no need to use any special cleaning solutions.

When people are missing teeth, they risk a number of health problems. For instance, the teeth around the missing teeth can be affected. Bad teeth can lead to abscesses, which are painful infections that require antibiotics for treatment. People with dental issues have headaches, and can have many other physical problems. This can be corrected by getting dental implants in Apple Valley, MN. Another health issue caused by bad or missing teeth is malnutrition, because it can be difficult to eat. Those who have implanted teeth can eat anything they like, and are able to chew better.

The procedure involves taking molds of the mouth to create the new teeth. Then, the patient undergoes surgery where posts and temporary teeth are put in place. Once the mouth completely heals in a few months, the permanent implants can be placed in the mouth. They are attached to the gums and jawbone, and are as strong, or stronger, than natural teeth. To learn more,

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