Dental Cleanings: Why Dentists in Haleiwa Recommend Them Every Six Months

Taking proper care of the teeth requires more than brushing after meals and using floss from time to time. There’s also the need to visit one of the local Dentists in Haleiwa for teeth cleanings. In fact, many dentists recommend a complete dental cleaning once every six months. While some of the advantages have to do with appearance, others are more focused on the general health of the patient. Here are a few of the reasons why dentists recommend cleanings every six months.

Spotting Dental Issues Early On

Dental problems begin to develop long before patients notice anything is out of the ordinary. One of the benefits patients enjoy by having dentists in Haleiwa perform cleanings is there is an opportunity to detect gum and teeth issues while they are still in the early stages. By having a cleaning every six months, the patient is actually taking a proactive approach to maintaining a higher level of oral health.

Reducing the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Not everyone understands what an unchecked gum condition can do to the rest of the body. When the patient chooses to not go in for regular check-ups and cleanings, the odds of a gum condition affecting other parts of the body is quite real. If the situation progresses without any attempt to seek treatment, there is an increased risk of having a stroke or experiencing a heart attack. The best approach is to identify the problem while it’s still manageable and avoid creating more health risks that could prove to be debilitating or even fatal.

Keeping the Teeth Longer

It’s true that not everyone reached old age with a full set of natural teeth. Even so, choosing to have the teeth cleaned twice a year, along with a complete oral examination annually, will go a long way toward keeping the teeth healthy well past retirement age. Why hasten the time when the need for dentures or implants will arrive? Proper care now translates into keeping the real teeth for more years.

If it’s been some time since the last exam or cleaning, today is the day to call Howard H. Carric III DDS and schedule an appointment. With a little support, it won’t take long to assess the condition of the teeth, determine what needs to be done, and come up with a structured plan for correcting any issue that exists.

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