Denied Disability Benefits? Contact a Social Security Disability Attorney in Indianapolis, IN

Getting sick and dealing with the medical community can be a scary and confusing process. It gets worse if the illness is permanent and the person can no longer work. In addition to their health, they also have to worry about paying their bills. Once they lose their job, they may also lose their health insurance. Social Security disability programs are often the only alternative that disabled people have. Unfortunately many people are denied these benefits by the people who review the claims.

These attorneys understand the process and what claims reviewers are looking for. Often disabled people and their doctors spend too much time outlining the illness or the injury and not enough time explaining why they can’t work. This is important because their are some injured or sick people who are not disabled and continue working. The lawyer knows how to explain how the person is disabled. The application requires that the person list all of their job functions and the type of equipment they are expected to use. They also have to describe if they stand or sit at their job. Their employer may have attempted to accommodate their disability by letting them sit instead of stand or by giving them more frequent breaks. If these were not helpful, the applicant has to describe why. Disabled people have a much better chance of getting their benefits, if they hire a Social Security Disability Attorneys in Indianapolis.

When a person’s disability claim is denied, they should quickly contact a Social Security Disability Attorney in Indianapolis IN to help them with their appeal. They only have a short period of time to request a hearing and the lawyer will need time to prepare for the hearing. An administrative law judge will preside over the hearing and Social Security will send a lawyer to represent them. It is very difficult for a person without a lawyer to participate effectively in the process. People can visit the website to learn how they can get the help that they need. Lawyers know how to work with doctors to successfully document that a person is unable to work. They can can demonstrate this to the judge who can overrule the denial.

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