Demolition: Choosing the Best of the Best

Demolishing a building is perhaps one of the most technically challenging tasks imaginable. Various factors need to be taken into account and above all, the safety and security of everyone is paramount. Of course, such demands are not to be taken lightly. This is especially critical when referring to demolition in London, for the chances are quite high that any building that needs to be “pulled” will be located in an urban district. In relation to asbestos removal, this concern is highlighted even more. So, what steps need to be taken before the building itself is demolished?

A Proper Assessment

As survey will first need to be carried out. This can equate to a management survey or a survey specifically designed for subsequent demolition in a London property. This is absolutely critical, for if a property is known to contain asbestos, there is the very real danger that this material can be released into the atmosphere during the final demolition process. So, trained specialists will enter into a location and perform a management survey. This equates to a minimally invasive assessment of known asbestos locations. However, it is highly likely that a subsequent demolition survey will need to be carried out. This will include the destructive access to locations that are known (or are suspected) to contain levels of asbestos.

Removal Steps

After these two surveys have been carried out, the asbestos will be removed before the full demolition in London will begin. Areas may be cordoned off and the materials themselves can be physically removed or literally “sucked up” with the help of what is known as a Class H vacuum. This will help to mitigate the risks of any materials breaking up and the asbestos fibres thereafter entering the atmosphere. Naturally, this work is highly exacting in nature and for safety reasons, such assessments are never rushed. As a full compliance will all safety standards is essential, only the most dedicated professionals should be employed.

It is clear that demolishing a building is no easy task. When considering a demolition in London that also needs to address asbestos concerns, the need to safety becomes even more clear. With an adherence to all of the latest techniques and by employing 21st century removal methods, any such demolition can be carried out safely and with minimal risk to all personnel involved.

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