Defining an Autism Evaluation

Have you heard of an “autism evaluation?” It’s perfectly fine if you haven’t! Few people are very familiar with this type of developmental screening or the field it’s involved with. However, it’s incredibly important, especially when it comes to the healthy development of children and teenagers. This article will go over the basics of what a autism evaluation is, and how it helps children and youth.

What is an Autism Evaluation?

Just from looking at the word, you may be guessing that a autism evaluation, in some way, involves screening children for signs of being on the autistic spectrum. If that’s the case, you aren’t too far off the mark! Most autism evaluations are a bit more thorough. Rather than going through a checklist of signs and symptoms, a professional autism evaluation will examine your child from all angles. There are many more signs of this condition than the standard perception, many of which are tied to the learning process, while just as many are more behavioral. Some symptoms are only detectable by the expert eye.

What Does an Autism Evaluation Entail?

The average autism evaluation will start with a screening. This may come in the form of a survey you or your child will be expected to fill out; it will ask about their behaviors, and is typically much more general than the rest of the process. This is because keep the criteria loose helps to identify a broader range of children with the condition, in turn helping to come to more specific diagnoses.

After the initial screening, the professional in charge of your child’s autism evaluation will administer further testing, which will vary in process depending on the age of your child. If your child is at least three years old and verbal, the professional will proceed with the autism evaluation by talking with them. If your child is younger than this or otherwise nonverbal, the professional will observe them as they play. Throughout this period, the professional will make note of your child’s social abilities and how they interact with people and their environment. From there, the professional will perform cognitive exams and try to piece together an official diagnosis.

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