Deciding Whether Remanufactured Transmissions Service in Des Moines IA Is Reasonable in a Particular Situation

When a transmission fails, it may not be repairable or the cost of repairs may exceed the price of having a remanufactured transmission installed. The owner might struggle with the decision of whether to opt for the installation work or whether to just junk the car. If the vehicle is in otherwise good shape and has been well maintained, this type of Transmissions Service in Des Moines IA can be sensible.

The Previous Plan

If the owner had been planning to keep driving the car for at least another two years, this kind of Transmissions Service in Des Moines IA may be a reasonable option. The installation of remanufactured equipment will cost less than buying a new car or even a pre-owned one from a recent year. In some instances, the installation can bring new life to the vehicle. The driver notices not only smoother shifting but better power.

Rebuilt vs. Remanufactured Equipment

A rebuilt transmission is another option, but it might cost more, and most mechanics do not do this work. It requires removing the existing transmission and replacing all the damaged and worn components. The owner will not have the car back for a longer time.

In contrast, a remanufactured transmission has already been put together in a factory setting rather than in a specialty mechanic’s garage. Those factories locate used transmissions that can be remanufactured so they are almost like new. The transmissions might come from a vehicle that was junked after the engine experienced a catastrophic failure or after a collision left the auto body too expensive to repair. A mechanic can order this device and install it after removing the current one.

Making the Decision

While still in the decision-making process about how to proceed, a vehicle owner can Learn more about remanufactured transmissions by contacting a shop such as Kosiski Auto Parts. Sometimes men and women must make a decision relatively quickly because this is the only car they can drive regularly and they don’t have access to public transportation. In other cases, they might be able to wait for a few weeks and give the matter more thought.

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