Dealing With Ticks In Marlboro NJ

Everyone should know how Ticks Marlboro NJ can affect them. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about ticks. They might think that ticks are just something that affects their pets. The reality is that ticks can spread diseases to humans and learning about these creatures can help with preventing infections.

Crawling On People

So how do Ticks Marlboro NJ get to people. Ticks aren’t going to fly or jump to get to their victims. A tick will attach itself to a person and then proceed to crawl on the person. For example, if an individual is hiking in the woods, a tick might attach itself to that person’s leg. As time passes by, the tick will move up the person’s body.

More About Ticks

Some people make the assumption that freezing temperatures can deal with these creatures. The reality is that ticks can thrive even after temperatures fall below freezing. Once there is a thaw in the winter, some ticks might begin to be active again. People have to take precautions throughout the year if they wish to guard against ticks. It’s also a good idea not to allow pets outside too much if there is a known problem with ticks. Pets can bring both tick and fleas back inside of homes.


Ticks can carry a number of diseases that they can transmit to humans and pets. Lyme disease is perhaps the most popular disease ticks are known for transmitting. Fortunately, it can take ticks about 24 hours to transmit diseases to people. That gives a person more than enough time to deal with ticks before becoming infected with a disease. Visit the site to find out more about handling ticks. Exterminators can help to rid a property of a tick infestation.

Dealing with ticks can be tricky. People who spend time in the woods, hiking, or camping should be aware of ticks. Pet owners should also learn about ticks. If a person finds a tick on their skin, they can use tweezers to safely remove it. There are repellents that people can buy that can help deal with ticks. Using them before outdoor activities can really help.

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