DBI SALA Fall Protection: Safety Equipment Workers Will Wear

Statistics clearly indicate falls are the foremost cause of death in construction. Yet, in spite of the figures, many still avoid wearing the equipment responsible for keeping them safe. The major reason – a lack of comfort. Workers do not want to remain trapped all day in something that feels as comfortable as an iron maiden. This is where DBI SALA fall protection equipment comes in.

What Is Fall Protection Equipment?

Fall protection refers to any device that prevents workers from falling off the edge of anything. It comes in many different size and types. Fall protection is generally some form of safety harness. It works in conjunction with lanyards, anchors, and lifelines to ensure the fall of anyone does not result in tragedy. Safety harnesses are available in various styles and types including an economy or customized version. Among several high-rated models for fall protection are those by DBI SALA.

Why Purchase DBI SALA Fall Protection Equipment?

DBI SALA fall protection equipment offers customers safety and comfort together. Their full-bodied harnesses offer comfort that is measurable while not detracting from its capabilities to provide real protection from debilitating falls. Those who work at the edge will recognize the advantages of wearing the DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA harness. It not only provides them with a high degree of safety it is:

  • Comfortable
  • Cool – due to PolarMesh™ padding
  • Light
  • Good weight distribution – no longer is the weight solely on a worker’s shoulders. It is evenly distributed providing wearable comfort
  • Secure – improved security comes from a Revolver™ Vertical Torso Adjuster and Tri-Lock Revolver™ Connectors. This also makes it easier to adjust the straps to accomplish a perfect fit while locking down loose ends
  • Ease of use: EZ-Link Quick SRL Adapter lets you attach quickly

DBI SALA fall protection is all about safety married to comfort, thus encouraging workers will continue to protect themselves from harm every time they step on the job site.

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