Damaged Air Conditioning and Heating? Call an Industrial HVAC Contractor in Gulfport MS

An ice cold glass of water tastes so good on a hot day, but when water floods a town and the homes in it, everything can be ruined. It can change the path of streams and creeks, cause mudslides, and ruin homes. Muddy water flooding into homes carries bacteria and germs that are very dangerous and toxic. Think of the backed up sewer lines during a flood and the bacteria that washes into homes. Restoration companies not only clear out the water and debris, but they also dry the home and then clean and sanitize it, so it has a fresh fragrance when they’re finished.

Teddy Bear Services is an Industrial HVAC Contractor in Gulfport MS that has been serving residents and businesses for over 40 years. They’re a one-stop-shop for everything a homeowner needs when their home has been damaged by fire, smoke, water, molds, and mildew. When homes have been damaged very badly, they can do everything, from rebuilding the structure, replacing water heaters and HVAC systems, to renovating and repairing homes. No homeowner wants to spend months waiting for their home to be rebuilt. They want a company that explains in detail the amount of work that needs to be done and how much it’s going to cost to repair or build again.

The companies that do this special kind of work understand their client’s homeowner’s or business owner’s insurance. When there’s a hurricane, tornado or flood that hits the area, they work with insurance companies, which makes it easier on everyone. During seasons when the weather is good, the companies service customers by carpet cleaning, office cleaning, and regular maintenance on air conditioning and heating units. They clean air ducts leading to each room or office once a year to get dirt and pollen out of them.

Large businesses in the Gulfport region can also suffer heavy water damage. Flat roofs can cave in and take air conditioners with them. Choosing a professional Industrial HVAC Contractor in Gulfport MS and his/her team of certified technicians will be well worth it. Some of the services these companies provide include insurance claim help, the all important mold testing, and alleviating it when it’s discovered.They restore hardwood flooring and get rid of odors in the home or business.

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