Daffan Mechanical Provides AC Service in Weatherford, TX

Weather headlines have focused on the unusually cold and prolonged winter weather but summer heat and humidity will be here sooner than you think.  While you may appreciate a day or two of high heat and humidity during the early spring months, you’ll soon be turning to your air conditioner to keep your home as comfortable as possible. Daffan Mechanical provides AC Service in Weatherford, TX that helps ensure your air conditioning system can handle the many months of cooling you’ll soon need.

An air conditioning maintenance plan will go a long way toward helping you feel confident that your air conditioner won’t break down during the worst heat wave of the season.  A maintenance plan is very similar to the tune-ups you schedule for your car at regular intervals.  An air conditioning technician will check the working components of your air conditioner for damage or wear and recommend repairs when necessary.  He should also tighten the electrical connections that are an essential part of your air conditioning system so that it will run smoothly and safely.  For the same reasons, all moving parts should be lubricated during a maintenance inspection.  The condensate drain should be free of clogs.  If it doesn’t drain properly, you could suffer water damage or more humidity in your home, leading to growth of unhealthy bacteria.

A cooling system inspection also includes a check of the refrigerant levels in the air conditioner.  If the refrigerant levels aren’t at a proper level, your system won’t work as efficiently.  You’ll pay more money to cool your home and the air conditioning system will wear out more quickly.  The evaporator and condenser coils that cycle air through the system should be cleaned along with the blower components that regulate the air flow in your home.  All of these maintenance tasks can substantially improve your air conditioner’s efficiency, resulting in lower cooling costs.

Daffan has provided AC Service in Weatherford, TX and surrounding areas for a number of years.   Whether you need a regular maintenance plan for your cooling system, repairs to your existing system or installation of a new system, the company is ready to work with you to find the solution that works best for you.  Emergency service 24 hours a day, every day of the year is available when you’re facing air conditioning problems.  Browse the site at website to learn more about the company’s products and services.

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