Cut Costs On Heavy Duty Fleet Repair in Leduc

Spending money on repairs to keep your fleet of trucks running smoothly in Leduc is the cost of doing business. But that doesn’t mean you must spend more money on maintenance than necessary. Consider these tips for saving money on heavy-duty equipment repair for fleets.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

Keeping all vehicles in top condition and catching problems before they start can save tens of thousands of dollars per year on maintenance outlays. Run a tight ship on schedules for oil changes, vehicle inspections, fluid level checks, tire inspections and more. The payoff in savings is enormous.

Total Cost of Ownership

Speaking of routine maintenance, those costs start to trend upwards as a vehicle ages. More breakdowns are inevitable even in a well-serviced unit. What it gets down to is understanding the “residual value” of your assets. Replacing older units may be more cost-effective than fixing an aging fleet.

Vehicle Spec

When a vehicle is used for its best-intended purpose, it costs less to operate it. That means you should spec each vehicle properly. For example, “under spec’ing” a truck based on usage and loads carried leads to more maintenance.

Get Drivers on Board

Your drivers ate the heart and soul of your fleet. Studies have shown that taking time to train them for a complete understanding of your PM schedules, maintenance policies and accident protocols has been shown to deliver huge savings in overall heavy-duty equipment repair costs.

Develop a Strong Relationship with Fleet Repair Providers

Problems are more easily solved, and problems are more readily prevented when you have a close working relationship with the men and women who keep your fleet running in top shape. They can do all kinds of things for you, like expedite a repair, warn you of unforeseen issues and update you on trends and services that could save you time and money.

The latter is a central philosophy of the crew at Ironheadz of Leduc, Alberta. Find out more about this premier provider of heavy-duty equipment repair on our website.

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