Customizing a Crystal Award

The hottest trend in awards right now is definitely crystal awards. These beautiful designs make an impressive statement for any employee or volunteer award. With their distinctive look and weight, they offer an award that anyone would be proud to display on their shelf.

As impressive as crystal awards are to begin with, you can make your awards even more impressive with customization. Adding your own details makes the award unique and ensures that no one else will have crystal awards just like those you give to your recipients. It’s a great way to distinguish your awards from others in your industry or to add details about your organization, the communities you serve, or the organization’s goals. Here are some suggestions for ways to customize your crystal awards to reflect the statement you wish to make.

  • Add your company or group logo
  • Add a mission statement
  • Add personal details about the recipient
  • Use colors that represent your group
  • Use photographs from an event or of a person
  • Use a shape that is representative of your organization’s industry, goals or values

Any of these personalizations can make your award stand out. Just keep in mind that not all awards companies will be able to create custom crystal awards, so you’ll need to find the right company to help you. It may take some time to find the right company if you’ve never used custom crystal awards, so start planning for your awards ceremony early.

Give Your Trophy Company Plenty of Lead Time

Keep in mind that customized awards take a little bit longer to create, so be sure to plan ahead. Put together your design ideas and meet with a designer at your awards company. With your ideas and their expertise, you’ll be able to create something you will be proud to give to your most treasured employees or volunteers. You’ll need to be prepared to provide final information, such as logo files, etc. in order to actually place the order. Be sure to discuss lead time with the designer up front so there are no surprises.

When it’s time to recognize those people who have made a significant contribution to your organization, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful customized crystal award. These unique and beautiful designs provide a tangible remembrance of how much your organization values their contribution, which is something they’ll never forget receiving.

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