Customized Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA

Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA can often be the same treatment for many different problems. Companies rely on a certain few products to rid homes and commercial buildings of insects, pests, and wood destroying parasites. The approach may mean fast response times, but may not always be effective. That may mean trying a variety of methods, require many visits to the building, and provide time for more damage to be done. A customized approach that begins with a free inspection can be more effective, get rid of pests and insects quicker, and help prevent further damage. That saves property owners time and money.

A free inspection and evaluation is the first step in a customized approach. That allows State registered or certified technicians to identify the exact insect or pest, determine the extent of the problem, and develop a specific treatment plan for the location, size, and type of building. The second step, treatment, is conducted with green products designed to be effective without harsh chemicals. A variety of products are considered, and the best one selected for each project. A free estimate of services is provided before any work begins. The third step in customized Pest Management Service in Alexandria VA consists of bi-monthly follow up appointments and treatments to ensure pests an insects do not return. The last step is continued involvement with property owners to monitor long-term success, and provide any additional services, should they be needed. Wild life removal is also offered.

In addition to pest management, the PMSI Mold Treatment Division provides advanced services for the removal of mold, restoration of property, and prevention services. A two part system to kill a wide range of mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria has been developed for use on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Products are non-toxic, which makes them safe for internal air, and the environment in general. Free inspections and estimates are offered for residential and commercial customers. Mold and bacteria spread quickly after floods and water damage, but can also develop in high humidity, where small cracks or leaks have formed, or in any conditions where excessive moisture or dampness persists.

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