Customize the Comfort of Your Sleep Experience

Good rest at night is an esential for staying healthy and having the energy necessary to tackle everything you do each day. Being robbed of this by problems that can be minimized by sleeping on an incline is a problem easily solved. Use an adjustable and inflatable bed wedge to make breathing easier and sleep more restful.

Adjust the Incline of Your Body as You Sleep

Unexpected bouts of GERD or acid reflux can leave you miserable when trying to sleep. Asthma symptoms, bronchitis, and chest colds also make it difficult to breathe at night. You can choose a small, medium, or full-length incline inflatable adjustable bed wedge that provides you a way to customize your comfort experience. Resting in an inclined position can relieve GERD, acid reflux, and difficulties breathing as you sleep.

Easily Move the Bed Wedge from One Room to Another

One benefit for the entire family is being able to easily move the bed wedge from one room to another. It’s helpful when illnesses causing serious congestion are moving from person to person. You can place the inclined sleeping surface on the bed that of the individual that needs the comfort most. Keep more than one on hand and put them up in a handy closet when not in use.

Pack Up and Take the Bed Wedge with You

Reduce your inability to sleep well when small business trips or other unavoidable travel becomes necessary. You can easily pack up and take your inflatable adjustable bed wedge with you wherever it’s needed. It can be used on top of hotel mattresses, in guest rooms, or under a sleeping bag.

Call Travelwedge or stop in and check out and find out more about the benefits of healthy sleep offered by the inflatable, mobile, bed wedge sleep system.

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