Custom Monuments in New Haven

Headstones are the most common way to indicate a final resting place for a loved one. They are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types of engraving. People who want something bigger and more elaborate will elect to place monuments in New Haven to mark a final resting place. This is especially the case when a large family is buried in one area with several plots.

Family Name

Monuments will often include a statue, an angel, or the likeness of the patriarch along with the family name in bold lettering. Spaces to add the given name of family members as they die are usually in the middle and toward the bottom of the piece. Foot markers are placed at the actual grave of each person. They are a sign of prestige because they rise above regular headstones.

Existing Designs

Popular images, creative scrolling or carvings, and columns or arches are found on existing monument designs. This expedites the process of having a monument placed and is more cost-effective than custom monuments in New Haven. Families can look around the cemetery and select an existing design that is not yet present at that location. The monument will stand out even though it is an existing design.

Custom Monuments

These will take more time to be completed and will incur a higher cost. The benefits of having a monument custom created are that it will be truly unique and reflect the preferences of the family. Selections for the color, stone, shape, contouring, and size will be unlike any other monument. Emblems, carvings, and fonts can be selected to match the image or contrast it depending on what the family chooses.

The most important component to consider is which company will be commissioned to make the monument. Skilled carvers, equipment utilizing the latest technology, and multiple years of experience will be required to ensure quality, precision, and desired outcomes. It is wise to consult with a few companies before deciding on one with which to do business.

Families can contact us to schedule a consultation and get the process started. A designer will listen to ideas and concepts, guide family members through decision making, and provide recommendations regarding each aspect of the custom monument.