Curriculum Offered at Nursery School in Pittsburgh PA

Many parents choose to start their kids in school at a young age. They want to ensure their children are growing and learning in the best atmosphere possible. A wide curriculum is taught at a nursery school of this nature. A nursery school in Pittsburgh PA offers a curriculum to meet every child’s needs.

Early Mathematics

The mathematics taught at this young level is geared toward beginners. Children learn to identify their shapes, begin counting, recognize patterns, and learn the difference toward big and small. These are basic math concepts that every child should know before starting at the elementary level.

Early Literacy

While young children at not yet at the age to read, they can still begin their work toward literacy. This is done by using interactive games, rhyming, and looking through a variety of books, both with pictures and only and those with words and images.


Learning about objects within the environment is important for children of a young age. They need to be allowed to explore the world around them, including feeling different textures. Sand and water table are provided table so children can feel the wet water and play with the soft sand.

Social Studies

Social studies refer to the study of the community and the people in it. Children learn about this daily, first by being part of a community themselves within the classroom. They get to learn about diversity by seeing the differences in each student. They also learn about family and the workplace by exploring it through play.

The Arts

The arts are just as important for children to know as typical school subjects. Children will get to experience finger painting, painting with a paintbrush, coloring, using chalk, as well as creating objects with Playdoh. Scissors are provided to those who are two and up, with close supervision. Children may also play with tape, stickers, and stamps. The students will also get to enjoy music and express themselves through dance.

Nursery School in Pittsburgh PA offers a wide curriculum for its students. They not only learn about typical subjects, such as math and science, but they also get to experience various art forms. Parents interested in enrolling their children in a nursery school can visit ABC’s For Children.

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