Critters that Require Removal by a Professional Wildlife Control Company

Wildlife Control refers to the removal of certain wildlife species that have become a threat to humans, a menace and/or destructive. Although wild animals deserve to run wild, it is important for your family’s protection to have Triple AAA American Exterminators remove them from your home and property. The majority of wildlife pose a threat to the health of humans, because they carry a range of diseases as well as lice, viruses, bacteria and ticks. Here are some of the most common critters that are a nuisance.

Raccoon’s are one of the most common problems for homeowners. Raccoon’s can find their way into your home and do a significant amount of damage before you know they are there. Raccoon’s carry a range of diseases, including rabies, salmonella, leptospirosis and roundworms. Although rabies is only a risk if you are bitten by a raccoon, other health risks such as leptospirosis are passed on to humans if they come in contact with infected urine. When a raccoon is living in your attic, they urinate throughout the space, which puts your family at risk of serious health problems. It is important to not try and attempt to catch and remove a raccoon on your own, because they can become aggressive if cornered. A professional Wildlife Control technician has the appropriate equipment necessary to safely capture the animal.

Squirrels are notorious for chewing through the structure of your home and entering the attic. Once a squirrel is living in the attic, it will chew on the electrical wiring, which is a potential fire hazard. If you discover squirrels living in the attic, contact a company for wildlife control to get rid of them. The pest control company will often set humane traps that allow them to capture the animals without harming them, so they can be released back into the wild.

Although skunks do not typically carry diseases, they can cause a great deal of problems. Skunks burrow into areas such as the basement, crawl space or garage and if you have pets, they will attempt to eat the pet food. If your pet is in the area while a skunk is stealing its food, the skunk may spray your pet. The spray is not necessarily harmful, but it is extremely difficult to remove the odor.

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