Criminal Defense Lawyers in Houston Can Help You Get the Best Outcome to Your Case

A felony is the most serious category of crime. Misdemeanors are considered less serious, but can still be punished the same as a felony with a high fine and jail time. Both types of charges should be taken seriously. If you are facing criminal charges, seek the help of criminal defense lawyers in Houston. An attorney will help you understand your rights and the legal process.

Have you been accused of any of the following crimes?:


Illegal drug use


Sexual assault

Financial crimes

Why do you need an attorney if you are accused of a domestic violence crime?

Violent crimes can include domestic violence criminal charges. It is also a crime to violate a protective order. Any time you put someone in fear of imminent or serious harm, or commit child abuse, stalking, or sexual abuse, it is considered domestic violence.

If the police believe someone has committed assault against a family or household member, the accused will be arrested.

In most cases, a protective order, which is also called a restraining order, will be enacted. This requires the accused/defendant to stay away from the victim. A family or household member can file for an order of protection for children in the family or for themselves. A temporary protective order can be issued without the accused being present. If you violate a temporary order, you will be arrested and can lose custody of your children, the right to own a gun, and much more.

A domestic violence conviction can remain on your criminal record forever. Fighting this charge in court requires the skill and knowledge of criminal defense lawyers in Houston. For more information about hiring a criminal defense attorney, please contact us

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