Cremation vs. Burial in Deltona, FL

Many people wonder whether they want to be buried or cremated. This subject has been highly controversial among Christians, who tend to favor burial due to its respected tradition within the Bible, and respect for the body itself through the process of natural decomposition. That being said, many Christians choose to be cremated, and from a secular view, there are definitely pros and cons to both sides.


Cremation is generally cheaper because you do not have to pay for a plot of land. Typically, cremation costs between $1,000 to $3,000. Burials tend to cost around $7,000 to $10,000, which includes the funeral home services, burial, and headstone installation.

Environmental Effects.

A common misconception is that cremation is better for the environment since it avoids body decomposition and the use of metal caskets. However, cremation uses an enormous amount of fossil fuels when burning the body and releases mercury and other toxins into the air, thus making it worse for the environment. If metal caskets are avoided, which they generally are in Deltona, Florida and most of the U.S., then burial is much more eco-friendly.

Use of Space.

People often believe that the country will run out of room for burials. However, if every single American that passes away is buried for the next 10,000 years, only 1% of the United States’ landmass will be used! There is lots of land outside of urban areas that can be used for burials, although cremation is a good alternative for “saving space” if you have such concerns.

Visitation Feasibility.

Some people recognize the fact that it may be infeasible for their closest loved ones to visit their grave from time to time, especially if they live in a different city. In such situations, it may bring comfort – and a sense of closeness – to family to possess the urn with their loved one’s ashes, right there in their own home.

One form of service is not necessarily better than the other – it all depends on a person’s preferences. If costs and visitation feasibility are important factors, it may be better to pursue a cremation service in Deltona, FL that can meet your wishes. If environmental effects, religious concerns, and/or one’s desire to avoid being burned are important factors, then burial may be the better option. Choosing a service is a deeply personal issue, so think about it from all angles, and visit multiple funeral homes before making a decision.

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