Creative Solutions for Residential Elevators

Fitting an elevator into an existing home can be difficult, depending on the size and configuration of the space. An experienced elevator company, such as Elevator Technologies Inc, can help devise a creative solution that suits the needs of the occupant, the available budget for renovations, and the house itself. A free, in-home consultation is offered to allow the technician an opportunity to see the space and answer any questions.

A Few Options

One option is to have an exterior elevator installed and build an addition around it. It is typically the easiest thing to do rather than attempt to make space for an elevator inside the house. The costs of the addition would be comparable to the costs of tearing out a section inside to place the elevator. This is ideal if there is enough yard space around the home.

Taking out the staircase and fitting an elevator into that space is another option. The motor can be housed in the basement. The actual elevator will get constant use because the entire family will be using it. That may require more frequent maintenance or result in more repairs. It will also increase utility bills.

Adding an elevator in the house and leaving the stairs intact may also be possible. There are small single-person elevators on the market to accommodate residential use. Depending on the dimensions required for the wheelchair, a narrow elevator can fit in several spaces. People in need of a residential elevator can visit the website to view some possibilities.


A major component of the solution rests with the needs and comfort levels of the person or people who will use the elevator. Those who are comfortable with a wheelchair lift instead of a complete elevator will have more freedom when it comes to fitting it into the available space. A person who feels more secure with an enclosed, traditional elevator needs more space for the elevator and the equipment.

The ability to stay in the home when mobility becomes an issue is important for many homeowners. People do not have to find a single-level dwelling just because they cannot handle the stairs. Contact Elevator Technologies Inc to learn about all available options.