Creating Eye-Catching Designed For A Personalized Tumbler

Creating a customized tumbler for yourself or to give a gift is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or to remember a specific event. A few of the things to celebrate with a personalized tumbler include birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, vacations, new jobs, getting a pet, or even moving into a new home.

Options in Customization

Designing a personalized tumbler is simple by using a pre-formated template or starting from scratch. The templates offer specific designs and patterns, with the option to change colors and make adjustments to the template while adding your own text, photos, or other design elements.

Starting from scratch allows full customization of the design elements. However, the online format will ensure photos or text is within the design area. Even without design experience, it is fun and easy to create your own unique look.

Important Tips

To create a personalized tumbler using either a template or to start from scratch, consider these important tips:

  • Use a high resolution photo that provides crisp, clear images
  • Choose a background color that compliments or contrasts with the colors in the photo to make the image stand out from the background.
  • Select a text font and color that is easy to read and stands out from the background.
  • Leaving the background clear is an ideal way to highlight text and images, particularly if they are vivid and bright.

Finally, be sure to review the design on the tumbler and make any final adjustments before submitting it for printing.

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