Creating Custom Designs for Unique Coupling Applications

Sometimes a project or design needs a coupling that doesn’t exist, requiring custom manufacturing to provide the needed functionality and efficiency. In this case, fluid transfer specialists and prototypes can help OEM providers and distributors in completing a distinctive design at any stage of the development process, from first design to engineering and production, creating custom connections for fluid transfer systems.
Examples of Custom Couplings

Custom coupling development supports an expedited route to production at both low and high quantities and involves value-added engineering where off-the-shelf versions may be inadequate. Such instances may be:

  • Reducing a coupler’s size and switching to aluminum for lower-PSI cooling systems in small electronics enclosures
  • Developing a durable and leak-preventing mechanism that will support the injection of system lubricant and its next flush through pressure reversal
  • Setting up a color-coding arrangement to ensure against mismatched quick disconnects and costly system cross-contamination through employee error
  • A barbed-end adapter to isolate system media from threads
  • A quench-polish and quench-nitride bath to endow a coupler with corrosion resistance like steel or brass
  • Custom couplings with a helical OD channel, machined with complex and precision geometry for durability and functionality

Rely on a Precision-Tool Manufacturing Specialist

If a specialized product or prototype requires a specific functionality or a system needs optimizing with no suitable coupler available on the market, collaboration with a custom fluid transfer system specialist at any point in the development process can result in an adaptation and solution that streamlines productivity and conserves costs.

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