Creating a Family: Why Surrogacy Is a Practical Option for LGBT Couples

Finding the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with is the first step in establishing your family. For many same-sex couples, the options for expanding that family are different from those that are open to opposite gender couples. Fortunately, one option that is available to male, female, or transgender couples is surrogacy. Here are some of the ways that surrogacy for gay couples or transgender couples could be the ideal choice.

Establishing a Biological Connection

With surrogacy, there is the opportunity for the couple to establish some type of biological connection. That connection may be in the form of supplying sperm that’s used to fertilize the egg. It can also be providing the eggs that are used in hopes of resulting in a child that’s carried by the surrogate. The fact that the couple are actively involved in the creation of a new life make it all the easier to begin feeling a strong connection even before the baby is born.

The Parents Are More Involved

Involvement during the pregnancy is also one of the benefits of choosing surrogacy for gay couples. In many cases, the host who agrees to carry the baby will spend time with the expectant parents. They are there to help with things like getting to and from checkups, making sure the biological mother has whatever she needs to be comfortable during the pregnancy and to offer moral support on days when things seem difficult. This is another aspect of the surrogacy process that helps to increase the bonding between those involved.

Surrogacy Has a High Success Rate

In terms of achieving a viable pregnancy and carrying the baby to term, opting for surrogacy for gay couples offers a high success rate. This is because host mothers are screened with as much care as the expectant parents. A reputable agency will do everything possible to ensure that the conception and the pregnancy itself is as free of complications as possible.

Would you and your spouse or partner like to have a family of your own? Take the time to learn more about how surrogacy works and why it might be the right option for the two of you. Talk with a professional and feel free to find out more about how this approach has worked for other couples. You may find that surrogacy is exactly what you want in terms of starting a family.

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